Track your vehicles, save fuel, promote safety and boost profits with our Fleet Management solutions. Fleet Completes leading-edge fleet management platform allows you to gain real-time information on your fleet, optimize routing and establish business efficiencies

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Know where your vehicles are at all times

Powered by GPS technology, our easy-to-use Fleet Tracking solution will give you visibility on all of your vehicles in near real-time. Knowing drivers’ exact location, your dispatch team will operate quicker and more efficiently,sending the best and the closest driver to the job

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Know vehicle position and status at all times

Reduce miles and save time and fuel.

Optimize the use and number of vehicles

Data insights that matter, at the tip of your fingers

Improve driver and vehicle safety

Employee safety through proper conduct is important. With a Fleet management solution from Fleet complete, you will gain insight into drivers’ on-road activities to support safe driving behavior and provide appropriate coaching to encourage optimal performance, avoid collisions, vehicle damage, unnecessary fuel waste, and lost billable time.

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 Monitor driver behavior

Get detailed reports on speeding, braking, cornering, idling and rapid acceleration to help your drivers with safety compliance.

Unauthorized activity alert

Gain visibility on any unwarranted vehicle activity to prevent theft or after-hours use.

ELD Compliance Made Easy

Fleet Complete’s ELD solution is an easy-to-use integrated solution that has all essential features for individual drivers and fleets, automating tasks and reporting, HOS visibility and vehicle tracking, and ensuring interstate and cross-border regulation compliance in both the U.S.A and Canada.

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 Driver Safety

Our electronic vehicle log book solution prevents inaccurate reporting and on-road fatigue, ultimately increasing the safety of your drivers and that of others on the road.

 Minimal Paperwork

Automatic and accurate log-keeping of hours-of-service significantly reduces the amount of time drivers spend on time-consuming and error-prone manual paperwork.

 Efficiency of Load Planning

Having real-time visibility on driver’s duty status allows for optimal load planning while staying ELD compliant.

Smart Vehicle

With sensor-to-machine communication, the devices in your vehicle will gather and interpret data for you, informing of necessary actions to take.

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ECM integration

Provides 19 data points of engine activity, instructing on timely maintenance when needed.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT enables mobile, real-time responses via a network of data-gathering sensors and cloud computing.

Crash Detection

Gain visibility on any unwarranted vehicle activity to prevent theft or after-hours use.

Installation suited to your needs

We connect to every vehicle! Our devices are equipped with a variety of cables that suit every vehicle type to ensure our customers are set up with all of the features straight away.

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Atradīsim jūsu uzņēmumam piemērotu risinājumu!

Palīdzēsim jums ar inovatīviem risinājumiem, lai jūs varētu efektīvāk vadīt autoparku un mobilo komandu. 


Get to down to the substance of your fleet operations. Our platform will provide detailed reports on all data, including sensor readings, recorded events, and interactions. Create and customize reports based on your management team’s needs and gain actionable business intelligence.

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  Fleet Performance

Measurement of vehicle performance based on events.


Shows how often and how long assets were idle.

  Point of Interest

Shows if assets were at a location within the specified working hours.