Track your vehicles, save fuel, promote safety and boost profits with Fleet Tracker. This leading-edge fleet management platform allows you to gain real-time information on your fleet, optimise routing and establish business efficiencies.

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Modules & Features

Know where your vehicles are at all times

Powered by GPS technology, our easy-to-use Fleet Tracking solution will give you visibility on all of your vehicles in near real-time. Knowing drivers’ exact location, your dispatch team will operate quicker and more efficiently, sending the best and the closest driver to the job.

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Improve driver and vehicle safety

Employee safety through proper conduct is important. With Fleet Tracker, you will gain insight into drivers’ on-road activities to support safe driving behaviour and provide appropriate coaching to encourage optimal performance, avoid collisions, vehicle damage, unnecessary fuel waste, and lost billable time.

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Great customer service for you and your clients

Your fleet is your biggest business advocate. Fleet Complete is with you all the way to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction. Improving your dispatching, time efficiency, and road safety will give your business a competitive advantage and your customers – a reliable, safe and fast service.

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Smart Vehicle

With sensor-to-machine communication, the devices in your vehicle will gather and interpret data for you, informing of necessary actions to take.

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Installation suited to your needs

We connect to every vehicle! Our devices are equipped with a variety of cables that suit every vehicle type to ensure our customers are set up with all of the features straight away.

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Get down to the substance of your fleet operations. Our platform will provide detailed reports on all data, including sensor readings, recorded events, and interactions. Create and customize reports based on your management team’s needs and gain actionable business intelligence.

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“Our immediate ROI with Fleet Complete has been huge. In the past, we may not have even found vehicles for months which would have cost us around $160,000 to replace.”
– Terence Schofield, Safety Officer


“Having closer contact and communication with the drivers on the road has been a win-win for everyone. It helps us be more competitive and responsive.” – John Rabideau, Manager
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“Yummy Catering is an innovative company, so we like our partners to be innovative with us. We look for new technlogy, new trends, and what can assit us in our daily operations. Fleet Complete provides us with the technology needed and the innovation that assists our drivers on a daily basis.”– Leno Cardoso, CEO

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“B&P currently has a fleet of over 200 trucks. We’ve got over 400 pieces of equipment. We were struggling with being able to track our equipment,” – James Hinton, Health and Safety Manager

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