From modest beginnings of two employees, two trucks and a deep passion for delivering quality, dependable service, to today’s thriving courier service business, Metro Delivery features a comprehensive fleet of 47 delivery vehicles and support staff servicing the U.S. and Southern Ontario region. “Whatever you need, when you need it” is the slogan that drives Metro Delivery to success. Whether it’s bio-hazardous materials, food, live animals or industrial prototypes, the company has maintained a reputation for fast, efficient service.

According to Metro Delivery’s president and founder Sarah Talbot, the progressive company relies on technology to provide competitive and cost-effective overnight, same day and rush delivery services 365 days a year. This includes the use of specialized software technology for effective communication and optimum operational workflow between its dispatchers and drivers on the road.

“Delivering fast and quality customer service is important to us. Working within a more real-time technology environment helps to maintain this high standard,”

– John Rabideau , Manager


To accommodate the growing volume of business, Metro Delivery wanted to improve its technology infrastructure. The previous infrastructure included legacy software applications for the company’s communication dispatch, reporting and billing requirements. As customer calls and orders intensified in numbers and frequency, dispatchers were becoming overwhelmed with call volumes. The company also wanted a better way to track and monitor its drivers to ensure productivity and enable dispatchers to efficiently plan delivery routes.

As Metro Delivery grew in size and stature, its outdated legacy solutions couldn’t scale fast enough to match the fast-moving pace of the business. “All communications had to be verbal, over telephone or two-way radio in the old system. Our dispatchers had to take the order, place it into the system and then the dispatcher would send it out via either two-way radio or cell phone,” says John Rabideau, Manager of Metro Delivery.

With an eye on boosting growth and exceeding customer demands, Metro Delivery was looking to adopt a cost-effective IoT solution that would help to streamline operations.


After conducting due diligence and carefully evaluating various industry software offerings, Metro Delivery turned to Fleet Complete as a leading global provider of mission critical operational solutions for mobile workforce and transportation-related companies. Today, Metro Delivery is using the Fleet Complete IoT platform to help streamline operations and boost staff productivity. “We worked with Metro Delivery to implement the Fleet Complete solutions, which they are now using, to help quickly automate the front office, back-end business, and courier processes. This includes online customer order entry, accounts receivable and real-time delivery tracking as well,” says Stephen Nesbitt, Sales Director for Fleet Complete.

Breadcrumb trail showing asset’s positions within 24h

The Fleet Complete Tracker is an IoT solution, specifically designed for the courier, messenger, expediting and distribution industries. Metro Delivery is also using the GPS capabilities of Fleet Complete, a real-time fleet management and tracking solution, to track and manage its drivers more effectively. Based on wireless two-way data technology, Metro Delivery dispatchers are able to send detailed delivery order information directly to a driver’s mobile device. From there, drivers can view and interact with the information on their device and keep dispatchers up to date by remotely updating the status of pickups and deliveries.

“Training on the Fleet Complete platform was fast and easy. Our mobile devices are also running the Java-based versions on the AT&T network, which has been working great for us from a connectivity and ease-of-use perspective,” says Rabideau.


Today, Metro Delivery is using Fleet Complete Tracker to help reduce its annual operating costs. The company is benefitting from GPS-based technology, prompt and accurate payments, improved accuracy with sales data and increased on-time deliveries as drivers and dispatchers are able to send and receive delivery-based information in real-time.

Delivering fast and quality customer service is important to us. Working within a more real-time technology environment helps to maintain this high standard,

John Rabideau,

  • Courier Industry
  • Fleet Complete Dispatch implemented
  • Fleet of 34 vehicles
  • Enhanced mapping and tracking capabilities
  • Improved accuracy with sales data and business workflows

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