Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics went from a small Canadian company in 1994, dealing with automotive freight, to a large private fleet carrier, covering operation within Canada and between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Working in various verticals, the automotive dominates with deliveries to over 2000 dealers. Due to the overnight and unattended deliveries, Day & Ross needed a new fleet management solution that could keep up with the co-load market and help provide customers with a reliable service. Thanks to Fleet Complete’s Fleet Tracker software, Day & Ross not only optimized their operations but also managed to get ahead of the competition, affording more workload with the same number of resources.

What we were able to do with Fleet Complete, in this case, was put in a package that, I believe, brought us ahead of the norm.”

Shawn McMahon,

President of Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics
  • Large Canadian carrier for transportation and warehousing solutions
  • Delivering to over 2000 dealers
  • Implemented Fleet Complete Field Worker
  • Faster delivery and co-load turnaround
  • Was able to get ahead of its competitors
  • Increased workload capacity with the same amount of resources
  • Significant improvement in customer satisfaction