Since 2008, APPS Transport Group relies on Fleet Complete for competitive customer service, driver coaching and vehicle maintenance. Safety is imperative for the company that has $90M annually, and Fleet Complete helps with online monitoring of driver behaviour, fault codes from vehicles, and arrival times to client destination.

It’s a great tool to service our customers. Because if a customer calls us, and says can your tell me when my truck is going to be here, we literally can go live, look at where the truck is, if he is experiencing any kind of problems – whether it be a mechanical issue or a traffic delay issue – we can give a pinpoint location of where he is, and we can inform our customer.
Guy Broderick,

Driver Training Supervisor
  • 300 employees across Canada
  • Effective driver-coaching program
  • Reliable customer service with live tracking
  • Timely vehicle maintenance with instant fault codes alerts
  • Using Fleet Complete since 2008

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